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The Owners

Tom AshmoleNicola AshmoleTom Ashmole is a fitness professional with a career spanning more than 20 years. Having initially worked at Gym300 as a Personal Trainer, Tom snapped up the opportunity to take over the gym in early 2014 – alongside his NHS registered nurse and practising personal trainer wife, Nicola – with the vision of making the gym one of the most friendly, inviting and well known gyms in the Highlands.

Personal Trainers

Chris Mazur

Chris MazurHaving been a fitness enthusiast since his early teens, Chris followed his passion for fitness and became a Level 3 REPS recognised coach at the age of 18. He has worked in various gyms across the country, eventually making his way to Gym 300 - where his broad spectrum of knowledge can be put to use through the variety of equipment and facilities available.

Chris has a dynamic approach to training, catering for a diverse range of goals, from beginners to competitive athletes alike. Chris prides himself in his clients’ transformations, both physical and mental - from body composition changes to improved self-confidence.

Chris fully understands what it takes to facilitate long term lifestyle changes. He works around his clients’ circumstances to make achieving their goals as simple as possible. Chris has an easy-going reputation, and prides himself in creating a stress free and enjoyable training environment.